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Barley Malt Extract 400g

mallasuuteBarley malt extract is made of Finnish barley. This is a product with a sweet and mild taste, a golden brown colour and a syrup-like texture.

You can both eat it as such and use it in baking in order to get better flavour and volume and appetizing crust. The dosage in dough is usually 0,5- 1 dl per 1 liter liquid.

If you need a stomach friendly constipation help you can try malt extract.

It is suitable for children as well. The dosage for adults is 1 tablespoonful of malt extract 3-4 times per day, for children 1 teaspoonful of malt extract 3-4 times per day and for babies 1 teaspoonful of malt extract twice a day added into breast milk or baby formula. The prepared mixture is to be used immediately. Barley malt extract 400g is available in the Finnish pharmacies.