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TUOPPI Malt drink products

kotikaljat ryhma
TUOPPI Malt Extract 1 liter
(1st from left) is mainly used in canteen kitchens. It is also appropriate for domestic use when there is a need for larger amount malt drink at the same time.

From one liter malt extract you make 18 litres malt drink, you need to add water, sugar and dried yeast.

TUOPPI Crushed Rye Malt (2nd from left) is what you need for making home brewed malt drink. Crushed Rye Malt has a strong malt flavour with a dark brown colour. You can use it for baking as well. Recipes.

Crushed Rye Malt contains neither additives nor preservatives. Available in 1 kg bags.

TUOPPI -Malt Extract contains 3 sachets of malt extract and dried yeast. When making malt drink you need to add water and sugar only. From 2 sachets of malt extract you make 6 litres malt drink and you need 1 sachet dried yeast. From 3 sachets of malt extract you get 9 litres malt drink. For this amount you need 2 sachets of dried yeast.

When you wish to have a stronger flavour in the malt drink you can use less water than named in the recipe.